Summer Science Returns!

June 27, 2017

SummerScienceFINALJoin us for a summer filled with science, learning and wonder at the Children’s Museum of Southeastern CT. We’ll be exploring a different science each week from July 3 to August 25 (from 11-2pm) with demonstrations and hands-on activities. All activities are FREE with Museum admission thanks to the generosity of Pfizer, our Summer Science Days sponsor.

earthJuly 3-7: Earth Science
This week, children will experience three different aspects of earth science: the effects of pollution on earth, natural disasters, and oceanography. Details>

July 10-14: Biology
bioA week of learning about the life cycles of plants and animals! There will be opportunities for children to dissect seeds in order to find the baby plant inside, to identify different plant parts using a root tank, and to plant in the museum garden. There will be daily Meet the Animals demonstrations! Details>

chemJuly 17-21: Chemistry
Come and explore reactions between household items to create fun concoctions such as Slime, Oobleck (a fascinating substance that is both a liquid and a solid) and more. Details>

magJuly 24-28: Electricity & Magnetism
This sizzling program explores the power of electricity and magnetism through plasma balls, magnetic rings and more! Details>

roboJuly 31-Aug 4: Robotics
This week, children play games to discover how robots work and learn about the challenges humans experience in creating robots to complete tasks. Details>

Aug 7-11: consConstruction Engineering
Let’s get building! This week is full of physics concepts such as force and motion, gravity, and simple machines. There are tons of opportunities to build and explore this week! Details>

metAug 14-18: Meteorology
Children will become drops of water and experience the water cycle, view our own Museum water cycle model in action, and create their own water cycle to take home. Other activities include playing with snow and making a wind sock. Details>

astroAug 21-25: Astronomy
During this program, children become astronauts as they take a tour of our solar system. Building rocket ships and blasting off always results in learning and fun! Guests will participate in special eclipse activities such as Bear’s Shadow, especially on August 21 when a solar eclipse will be occurring in the United States. Details>

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